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GENERAL Electrical


  • Lighting install and repairs
  • Hardwired smoke alarms
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Fault finding
  • Switchboard upgrades and repairs
  • Installation and Decommission of hotplates and ovens
  • LED Strip lighting
  • LED Flood and security light installations
  • Pool and spa power
  • Air conditioner installations
  • Data installations

Compliance checks and report for investment properties

  • Garden lighting

New and re wiring of domestic dwellings

Do it yourself lighting installations and repairs are illegal in Western Australia. Guarantee a safer environment and use a licenced electrical contractor. Common causes of fire and other electrical related incidents, are caused by a lack of knowledge of safe installation practices. A certified and licensed electrician has the knowledge needed.

  Your job doesn’t end at getting a new house or a newly renovated property. The risks of being in danger inside your own home dramatically increases as your electrical appliances, wirings, RCDs and switchboards become rusty, old and cannot function properly. Let us help you make sure these are upgraded and well taken care of to bring back the reliability, capacity and security in your own home.

 Keeping up to date with the current legislation on pools and spas, ACS endeavours to have the job done neatly and safely to remove the worry out of your installation.

Everybody wants an attractive façade or an outdoor garden that reflects a relaxing flavour of their home. Properly laid out garden lighting will bring not only a relaxing mood but also a funky and trendy outdoor area that will surely take your breath away.

Smoke detectors save lives and are the most common home safety devises used to detect smoke and fire. Smoke alarms must be installed correctly and in the right location to be efficient in case of fire.

 There are a lot of Australian standard regulations on cooktops, hotplates and ovens that are required to be adhered to. So why not leave it to the experts to ensure a proper installation that conforms to the standards.

  Whether you require a ducted, multi-head split or reverse-cycle air conditioners, evaporative and or wall-mounted split systems, we can definitely deliver.

   ACS has a good track record on air conditioning installations because we provide not only the best quality of service but also we make sure that we keep our clients well informed about the latest and best brands at affordable prices, on the market.

Whether you require phone or data cabling installations, our experts are well trained and highly skilled in their craft to ensure a cost effective solution for your needs.

  From the electrical wirings and heavy-duty bracings, installing a ceiling fan sounds easy but it is harder than you think. It requires being able to locate the right position and installing the unit properly.  Then, enjoy the benefits of keeping the air circulating in your home.

Enhancing areas in your living room, bedroom, garden, kitchen or even in the bathroom, can be that easy as having LED strip lights installed by your trusted ACS electrician to create a more cosy feel to your home.

All types of dwellings, whether a private home or commercial office, need proper electrical maintenance and inspection to keep the household or business safe from unwanted accidents. Similar to electrical fault finding and switchboard upgrades, domestic dwellings, especially those that are old ones that were built over the years with outdated electrical installations, needs new re-wiring to replace old, dodgy or damaged wiring and insulators that comply with the current quality and safety standards. Licensed electricians can help you get everything up to date for your household’s safety and convenience.

  Electrical faults can be as difficult as finding a needle in a hay stack. Our experts are well trained and highly skilled tradesmen ensuring a cost effective solution to your dilemma.

If the surrounds of your home are larger than your neighbours, why not have us install energy efficient LED flood lights on your property.  LED flood lights use very little power and will provide that extra feeling of security in your home and grounds.


 Whether you are selling a home or business, or investing in a rental property, you need to make sure that your property complies with the current Government Regulations and Acts to ensure your property is safe for occupancy by the new owners. Let the experts do the compliance checks and reports to save you more time while having that peace of mind.